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Korean: Fated to Love You Episode 9 Summary

Episode 9 -

Cliffhanger from the previous episode:  Gun is about to kiss Min Young under the bridge with fireworks display, courtesy of Secretary Tak and Lawyer Hong.

Episode 9

Gun is about to kiss Min Young, but we got to see him kissing her tears away instead.   Then hugging her.  Next scene is in the couple's bedroom, same night of their "bridge-almost-kiss" sweetness.  Gun climbs into the bed, where Min Young was pretending to sleep.  Well, she isn't.  She was suppressing a smile because he was  having a hard time trying to explain that he was not really kissing her (on the bridge) and it all has something to do with him being soft to seeing woman cry that he momentarily loses himself, where Min Young explained that she totally understands.  Ahhh, she's so very easy on him.

After saying good night, it was really funny on how Gun tried to fight himself not to reach out to her.  Maybe he wants her really bad that even when he sleeps he's still trying to reach her.  This time, we saw Min Young still awake and finds Gun too cute and tucks him to bed and asking him if it's ok to be greedy about him.

The next morning, as Mi Young seems him out, Gun was very cute trying to touch his right cheek as if to tell Mi Young to kiss him goodbye.  Hallelujah! Mi Young got his message because as Gun turns away, disappointed that she was not able to get his subtle message, she plants her sweet kiss on his right cheek.  Making Gun one happy man!  She completed his day by saying that she will go to his office so they can have lunch together.

Next scene is Gun with his Doctor Octopus (I'm still waiting to his eight hands! LOL), asking him if he's ok and if could still live at least for 20 years.  Doc assured him that if he passed 40 years old, he may have the chance to not just 20 but 50 years.  Then Doc asked him why he only wanted 20 years, (this one really touched my heart)  Gun said that he only need 20 years so he can take care and protect his "DogPoopie" (their fetus) and then after 20 years when their child is all grown up, he will be less worried.  Doc got mad and asked him to get out and work already.

Gun and Daniel Pitt is signing off their collaboration work and then took pictures together.  It was awkward as they put their arms over each other while bantering endlessly.  I can't believe how tall Choi Jin Hyuk is because he's towering Jang Hyuk in this scene.    Then we can see the elders getting frustrated by not getting Gun dismissed as CEO of Jang In Chemicals.

During lunch time, Mi Young came with home made lunch.  The rice was designed with their faces.  It was cute and you could really see that Min Young put a lot of effor on making their faces.  Min Young gave Gun, his face rice but Gun wanted to eat Min Young's, saying that it was weird to eat one's face.  Hehehe.  He offered to eat Min Young's but she said that it was weirder.  But Gun got his way and ate Mi Young's nose, which is just as sweet as he expected.  Then his eyes fell upon Mi Young's even sweeter lips and was slowly drawn towards her (I just love his face here) but Min Young pulls back and Gun was clearly disappointed.  He tried again but innocent Mi Young just stared at him blankly and did not meet him halfway, so he gave up and mutters that he will just eat the lips instead, picking up the tomato lips from his lunch pack.

I love how Gun was really observing Min Young by saying that she really changed a lot and more confident now.  Maybe her love for him and with their DogPoopie is somehow making her confident with herself, because she knows that somebody is always there for her.  Aww, sweet!

We saw Min Young visiting her mom's restaurant in the city with bigger space since it was bought quite cheaply.  (I think that Gun has something to do with it).  Mi Young worries her mom was missing the simple life in the island but her mom was happy that the family was closer and also that he could often see her son (Gun).  Aww--I really like how the relationship between mom and Gun's developing.  We don't always see the same relationship in real life.  :)

Speaking of the devil, Gun came with flowers and then helped with the restaurant by serving food to their customers.  It was really sweet as Mi Young wipes Gun sweat with hanky.  They are really getting sweeter everyday.

Mi Young was seen working on the scrapbook for DogPoopie at home, we can see the baby's sonogram and the bandaid Gun placed on her arm (I thought see did not recognize it since she was hurrying the morning he placed it in her arm).   She writes that she was happy that both of them (Gun) was working in the restaurant together and that somehow they are slowly becoming...a real family.  Then she smiles.

Then we see Sera looking sadly at her pictures with Gun, only to be more upset that her mother showed up unexpectedly.  It seems like that Sera did not have a happy relationship with her mom.

As grandma ordered, they had a photoshoot with Daniel.  I suddenly did not recognize Gun here because of his hair, which I hope the team will do something about sooner.  Please, please, please!  Gun and Mi Young was really adorable with their couple photoshoot.  It was sweet and funny, you can really feel that the two actors are comfortable with each other (given that they had a previous drama together).  Daniel came breaking Gun's happy moments with Mi Young.   It was really funny on how the two cute guys were trying to out win the other by being closer with Mi Young on the photoshoot.  They're just toooo cute! And so as Mi Young by being oblivious with was happening.

During photoshoot, Daniel see Mi Young on a call that looked like it worries her. So when they were about to go home and Mi Young did not want to go with Gun, he offered to take her instead.  Gun did not like it one bit, but Mi Young insists that it's only for today.

On the way, Daniel notes her worried state and offers to drop her where she needs to go and would respect if she did not want to give more information.  She asked him to bring her to Gangnam.

She's meeting Sera as it turned out.  Sera wanted to know if she loves gun and tells her that Gun only feels responsible for her because of the child.  Then tells her (Mi Young) that it's sad and will hate it and says that it probably the same with Gun.

As both ladies walks out, Sera asked Mi Young not to tell Gun of their meeting.  Mi Young agrees.  Sera bumps then to Daniel, who was waiting the whole time, and the camera zooms to her scar on her shoulder (saying that Sera is the lost younger sister of Daniel, if you have not realized it by then...sorry for the spoiler).    He asked if she was alright and asked who she  met.

Outside the cafe, Sera was slapped by her mother ( I told you they don't have a good relationship) asking her if it hurts.  Then scolds her that they were late for her flight.  Mi Young and Daniel witness what happened, while Sera bows out in shame while trying to fight her tears.

Back in Daniel's cafe, Mi Young told him who she met and got scolded by Daniel.  He asked him why would she meet her when she knows that she will be hurt.  She reasons that, she should at least try to meet her once and apologize.

Gun came home trying to find Mi Young in every places (of their bedroom) only to find her missing.   He even shouted "Sn-aaiill!" and started imagining Daniel and Mi Young dancing and giving him thumbs-down sign as if he was loosing her to him.

Mi Young arrives home to see Gun pacing with worry.  Tormented with her  discussion with Sera, Mi Young puts on a smile.  When Gun started yelling at  her for being late and making him worry, she suddenly wraps her arms around him.  It caught Gun off-guard and was asking if she was trying to wriggle out her mess by acting cute and saying that it won't work on him.  As if!  She apologizes that she had some business to attend and promised that she will not make him worried again.  Gun was trying to keep his anger but soon loses and hugs her back.  SSwwweeetttt!

Gun and Daniel was doing the rounds at the laboratory for their project then went out for a drink.  They clearly showed they dislike for each other.   Daniel clearly stating that he hates what Gun was doing in his personal life.  Gun asked Daniel not to step on the line with his wife, but Daniel asked him what he already did and asked him (Gun) what he will do about it.

Mi Young went to Gun's during lunch time but did not prepare their "rice face" to his disappointment.  He then asked her to accompany him at the company auction tomorrow plus a dinner treat.  He also mentioned that he would like to give her something too.  Please let it be his heart!  Just tell him you love him.

On the way out of the building, Mi Young runs into her old boss, Lawyer Hong, who is concerned for her since he drafts the divorce papers.  Lawyer  Hong was on his way to meet Gun because he wants to revise the agreement.  Mi Young, puts on a brave face and smiled to her previous boss.

At home, while cleaning, Mi Young saw the cuff-links given by Sera to Gun.  She hurriedly puts it back when Stepmom came and saw the DogPoopie's mug.  She explains that Mi Young does not need to bring something expensive for the auction event.

Alone again, Mi Young receives a text from Lawyer Hong telling her to sign the revised divorce paper once Gun asked her to.  The message is disheartening, but since how Lawyer Hong is concerned with Mi Young but still asking her to sign it, must be a good sign, right?

She then arrives at Mom's restaurant in time to hear that Brother-in-law accepted money from Gun to pay for the property.  She can hardly believe what she just heard and Brother-in-law did not see anything wrong accepting help from a brother, believing that Gun and Mi Young are happy together.  Hearing that they're happy couple made Mi Young burst into big tears and expressing that it was not right to accept money from him.  Hugging her mom, and asking her what she should do.  Mom was worried and asked her what's wrong but Mi Young just cried.

From Gun's haven, Mi Young takes out the original divorce papers with pen in hand.  Hopefully she did not sign though....cross fingers.
Mi Young arrives at the auction alone and was escorted by Daniel after much encouragement from him.  I dunno where Gun went, but I hoped that he was with her when she came.

The auction begins with two items getting sold.  Then we saw Stepmother musses at how Mi Young does not know a thing.  Then the host announces that the next piece was donated by the CEO's wife, Mi Young, then came their painted mug of DogPoopie to their surprise.  This sparks whispers and silent laughter among the crowd.  The starting price is at 10,000 won only compared to the first that was sold up to millions of won.

So it was all Stepmom's doings.  Mi Young's confused on how the mug got there, while Gun looks back at Stepmom.  Then suddenly the first bidder calls out, one million won.  It's Daniel, he introduced himself as a world recognized artist and that he finds the mug refreshingly charming.  Gun applauds Daniel's speech and added that he knows the artist who's very considrate, meticulous, and a very kind perseon.  Indirectly complementing his wife.  He also started the auction at 3 million won.

  It gets the ball rolling and the bids steadily rises.  Then again, it's just between the two.  Gun outbidding Daniel's 10 million won with his 30-million won bid.  As winning the mug should make her happy, Mi Young looks so dejected then walks out.  Gun catches her outside and asks what's wrong, Mi Young then confesses that she feels like a fool.   With tears in her eyes she said,

Mi Young:  That was the first time that I wanted to become greedy.  Gun, you keep on being good to me that I unknowingly, started to be greedy.  As we live like this, with Dog Poopie, beside you, I want to stay.  So, like other people, maybe I can dream of an ordinary happiness.  Just like that, I started dreaming of an impossible dream on my own.  But now I know for sure, I  am merely the one who came in your life like an invited guest.  Just making trouble.  Lee Gun, us, now let's stop. I think the right thing to do now is to stop.

Gun's expression was unreadable and with tense jaw during Mi Young speech.  When she turns to go, he grabs and pulls her back.  Also with tears in his eyes, he responds:

Gun: Kim Mi Young, since when did you become  a selfish person.  Since when did you become a person who only says what she wants regardless of how the others feel?  What about me? What about my heart?  The more you tell me not to care, I care.  If I can't see you, my hearts get uncomfortable.  When you smile, when you cry, what about my heart that laughs and cries with you?   Don't you get what I'm trying to say?

Mi Young shakes her head, expressing that she did not get what he was saying.

Mi Young: You always make me confused.  Because you are always nice to me that I keep on forgetting that we had to break up. I'm scared.  As it continues, I won't want to leave you when the times comes.  That, if it isn't you then there won't be anyone else... then I....Since I can't be like that...

And then Gun, reaches out and kisses her passionately.

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My Review:

Yyyyeeeeesssssssss!!!! He is kissing her properly this time!  I can't believe how FTLY got me hooked up, week after week, after week.  Though I love the fireworks display from the previous episode's cliffhanger, I love more the kiss they shared this time.  It's on the lips and it's full of passion.  I always go for the guys who holds the back of the girls head when kissing.  It means it's hard and so's making me blush.

In this episode I love how they showed development on all main characters.  How Mi Young is starting to develop her confidence in expressing what she wants to say to Gun, how Gun's starting to really fall in love with her, how Daniel showed his level of matureness at all times but still reasonably got mad with Mi Young.

Recently, it's very hard for dramas to put smile on my face but it's always effortless when I'm watching FTLY.  There's always a comedic scene injected to break the monotonous ploy.  Gun is always funny with his actions but not maybe his crazy laugh.  Also, the music used always fits the mood.  I love the funny violin song when Gun was trying to kiss Mi Young during their lunch date.  :)

What could be frustrating for me are those times when Mi Young is not realizing or not catching up with Gun's.  She is so clueless with how Gun really feels for her.  I think that it could also be her charm, that works for Gun.

I just hope that sooner they fix Gun's hair - I'm not a fan at all.  :(  And also, more Grandmom scenes.  I really love that with FTLY Taiwan.  Can't wait to share my review for Episode 10.

So, how's episode 9 for you?

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon Episode 1 Summary

I've seen My Name Is Kim Sam Soon for at least five times, and still I find it funny and could really relate to Sam Soon's challenges and difficulties in life. Having said that, I will be summarizing/reviewing this drama as a throw back together with the new drama's I'll be watching.

EPISODE 1: Life is like a box filled with Bonbon Au Chocolat

It's Christmas Eve, Kim Sam Soon enters the hotel looking for her cheating boyfriend Hyun Woo. She’s been suspicious about his behavior and she sees him going up to the room with a beautiful woman. She pictures herself beating up her boyfriend with an umbrella and him cowardly asking for her forgiveness and love. However, when she runs into him, she clings to him and begs him to come back - a very opposite reality. At the same hotel, Jin Heon is on a blind date arranged by his mother who insists that he get married before his niece Mi Ju goes to school. On the hotel's restaurant, he heard Sam Soon begging Hyun Woo and even asking if he loved her once when they were together. Jin Heon finds it very amusing, even smirking and commenting with what type of woman who would beg like that. Since he isn’t interested in the date, he decides to finish it as quickly as possible. Offended by his rudeness, the woman throws a cup of water in his face. He goes to the restroom to dry his wet clothes and heard someone (Sam Soon) crying in the men’s restroom, which she thought was women’s, leading to a funny confrontation of Jin Heon telling Sam Soon that it's the men's restroom after all.

 After breaking up with Hyun Woo, Sam Soon got even chubbier as she tend to eat and sleep when she is stressed. She lost her job because she chose to stalk her boyfriend on Christmas Eve rather than turn up for work. However, she doesn’t have time to sit around and feel bad about the breakup. She has done all kinds of part-time work to make money to study at ‘Le Cordon Bleu’ in France. She has a job interview in a Hotel restaurant and she goes there with the cake she made herself. However, she didn't expect to see Jin Heon there. To make things even worse, her hair gets stuck in his tie pin. Without hesitating, Jin Heon cuts off Sam-soon’s hair. Furious with her hair being cut like that, Sam-soon throws the cake in his face. Initially he is angry, but then he tastes a bit of the cake and chases after her. She is frightened and tries to run away, but he catches up to her and forces her to see his credentials. Turns out he is the owner of a restaurant called 'Bon Apetit', and he would like to offer a job interview for the position of Pastry Chef. Sam Soon performs marvelously in the job interview and is offered the job. She has a weird request though. She wants to be introduced to the other workers as 'Kim Hee Jin'. Jin Heon seems reluctant, for some reason. After a bit of comic wrangling, in which Sam Soon concocts a new nickname for Jin Heon as 'Sam Sik', he capitulates and agrees to introduce the others as Kim Hee Jin.

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Celebrity and Korean Actors - Military Fan Sign

As part of the 60 years commemoration for the army in Korea, a military fansigning was held on 27th September in GyeongGiDo Wa Stadium. Celebrity and Korean hot actors present at the fansigning includes Gong Yoo (my boyfriend), KangTa, Kim Tae Woo, Cheon Jung Myeong and even So Nyeo Shi Dae.