Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan Film Fated To Love You's Tragic Scene in the Rain


Source: Liberty News

Translation Credits: tammiest @ asianfanatics

Yesterday, SETTV drama Fated To Love You filmed their "car accident in the rain" scene. Joe Chen QiaoEn, clad in a white dress, is hit by a car during a heavy rainstorm.
(Translator's Note: Have purposely omitted to translate the remainder of this paragraph; it is about QiaoEn's white dress becoming transparent in the rain and the danger of her exposure, despite some precautionary steps she took, including wearing an extra layer beneath the dress. Basically, trash and flash.)

In order to make the accident seem as lifelike as possible, the director requested that Chen QiaoEn climb up onto the hood of the car and fall and tumble heavily to the ground. Chen QiaoEn's arms and legs were covered in scrapes and bruises as a result of her flipping and falling, and she caught a cold from being soaked with rain on such a cold day. She also narrowly avoided a wardrobe mishap that would have revealed the nipples of her D-cups to all those present. All in all, the disasters she met with on set that day made her seem as miserable as her character in the series, Chen XinYi.

This particular scene is, out of all the scenes QiaoEn has filmed thus far in the eight years of her career, by far, the most tragic. The drama plotline has progressed to the point where QiaoEn (XinYi), in order to allow the pair of lovers, Ethan Ruan JingTian (CunXi) and Bianca Bai XinHui (Anna), to stay together, resolves to bow completely out of their delicate little love triangle. Consequently, she purposely avoids Ethan and hides from him, determined not to let him find her. It is on a rainy day that Ethan, after much hardship, finally finds QiaoEn. Focused completely on running away from Ethan, she accidentally runs into the street and is struck by a car, falling to the ground.

The recent crying scenes in Fated To Love You have evoked a similarly emotional, crying response from the audience. This scene follows on the heels of the one from last week, which showed Ethan crying. It has been reported that the film editor sent a text message to QiaoEn to tell her that he was crying as he put the "car accident" scene together; we can expect that the "crying factor" will be raised another level!

This is another scene worth waiting for. I could not believe it when I first saw this news. Seems to it that they're sticking with the plotlines from the novel. Where Xin Yi will have miscarriage because of the car accident and that's the reason why she will go with Dylan in Shanghai.....ok so much for spoilers. Don't get mad if you got spoiled. I had the alert up from the top! Can't wait for the next episode.

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Prime Minister3 said...

Wow! I didn't know Qiao En had to endure all of that. I knew about the "rain", but whoa, that's tough stuff. She's so professional and a crazy talented actress. [The scene turned out brilliant.]